Non-Working 160GB IDE HDD, 320GB SATA HDD, Motherboard, Graphics Cards, SMPS

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For Sale Product Information :
  1. Product Name: HITACHI Deskstar 320GB 7200rpm 8mb Cache SATAII HDD [HDT25032VLA360] Dual Power option(Rs.700)
    • CONDITION : 2 months old Newly RMA'ed making clicking sound. PCB in perfect condition. Mechanical problem.

  • Product Name: SEAGTATE Barracuda 7200.7 160GB IDE HDD [ST3160021A] (Rs.500)
    • CONDITION : No Bad sectors before dying, 1 resistor and 1 IC burnt on PCB shown in pics.
  • Product Name: XFX 8600 GT 256MB DDR3 (Rs.350)
    • CONDITION : Was working 3 months ago when I had replaced blown out capacitors with new ones so kept it sealed in a box, opened it today saw a swollen capacitor and it's not working again, needs new capacitor.
  • Product Name: XFX8400GS 512MB DDR2 (Rs.250)
    • CONDITION : No burn, nothing, just not working.
  • Product Name: Mercury PI 945GCM v1.0A (Rs.250)
    • CONDITION : Extra power 4-pin connector and 3 capacitors burnt. Rest all appears to be fine.
  • Product Name: eCube 450W SMPS (Rs.250)
    • CONDITION : In working condition except for the broken 4-pin connector graphics card connector.
  • Expected Price: given above in red brackets, if interested in more than 1 product PM me I'll give discounts.
  • Shipping charges: at actuals
  • Description if any: All of the above items are in non-working condition
  • Reason for Sale: Need to free some space
  • Product condition: see the pics
  • Purchase Date: > 3 years old
  • Remaining Warranty period: none
  • Invoice Available: not required

Basic information about myself
  • Shipping from: Navi Mumbai
  • Shipping to: Local buyers preferred
  • Preferred courier: Shree Anjali
  • Payment options: Cash, Bank transfer

For any further queries and bargains please PM me, we'll take there.

P I C S :

Only the powersupply and the motherboard were in the same system. All the remaining products come from different systems.
Most probably Yes. But it may take some time finding the required equipment/parts and since I dont want to waste my time on it I'm selling it for cheap here.
is there any warranty on the HDD left?
If there was, I would have got it replaced myself
. No warranty left on any item. I've mentioned that in the details.
Because it takes a lot of time in finding a part or even finding a decent guy/equipment to do so. I know no-one capable of repairing the above stuff. But I do know there are a lot of peeps here on TE who can make good use of such stuff.

And in case of electronics there's a 50-50 chance that it may not work after repairing.
Both Hard Drives and Motherboard SOLD, SHIPPED and received by #challapradyumna

XFX 8600GT SOLD, SHIPPED and received by #itzmydamnlyf

Rest of the stuff still up for sale.
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