OC & Modding NR200P with mATX Motherboard & ATX Power Supply



Recently, I switched from an ATX case to NR200P. There are some fitment issues that I want to know whether or not are fine.

2- Top.jpg
7 - Frame.jpg
8 - Rail.jpg
6 - Wifi Adapter.jpg

1 - The GPU, it's PCB part specifically, is right up against the power supply. You can see (in pics 2 & 3) the misalignment in the frame. I had to push the frame about 4mm and hold it to screw it in place. I don't see any curve/smile on the PCB, but it scrapes the power supply if I try to move it.
2 - The PCIe x1 slot on motherboard didn't quite align with the case. So, There's a noticeable tilt in the WiFi Adapter Card (pic 4). It works fine; wasn't hard to push in; no curve as far as I can tell.

Kindly let me know if I should be concerned. Thanks.
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Kindly let me know if I should be concerned.
It always works until it doesn't. I am not sure if it would cause any issues. But if you are worried about any potential fire hazard or short circuits, you can use some insulator between them. Pasting some electrical tape on the PSU where the PCB makes contact would be an easy fix.

Love to see sff builds crammed with non-itx components. Were you considering other cases like the zeb woodan, AP201, or Lian Li Q58 ?
use some insulator between them
This is a good idea. Guess I can stick it with a thin piece of foam as well to mitigate scratches or something. Thanks.

Were you considering other cases
Yes. I was looking for something that I can safely fit in my duffel bag (Rynox Expedition) and will allow me to use rest of my components.
Wasn't quite sold on cases like woodan/SAMA, AP201. Because they didn't seem as portable. And Q58 would've costed much more including an ITX motherboard.
Also, have always liked this case but didn't get to build on this earlier because of budget restrictions.