Nuforce NE6, RE2+E5 and Creative Audigy Value

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1. Nuforce NE-6 - SOLD to djmykey

  • Just 2-3 months old, Not Used much
  • Excellent condition
  • Bought from - Lynx India
  • Reason for Sale - Need money
  • Will provide original bill, do not have the original box
  • Accessories - A Soundmagic cablewinder + One new set of earbuds + Pouch
  • Asking Price - 1500 shipped

  • I will ship these in a Tommy Hilfiger Valet :D
  • The carrying pouch for the NE6 is slightly torn, here is a pic:

  • If someone wants, I can provide another pouch but it will not be the same one

    Ebay Listing -


    2. Creative Sound Blaster Audigy value - SOLD to Zino

    • Around 10 months old
    • Excellent condition
    • Reason for Sale - Need money
    • Will provide original bill and the things that come with it except the box
    • Asking Price - 1000 shipped

    3. Partially Working Head-Direct RE2 - SOLD to Zino

    • Originally was purchased 1.5 years ago, but RMA'ed it around a year ago
    • Sound not coming from one of the sides
    • Loose connection at the plug, fixable
    • No bill, Will provide a set of earbuds and filters
    • Asking Price - 500 shipped

    4. Fiio E5 - SOLD to Techie#1

    • Around 15-16 months old
    • Bought From
    • No bill, No box
    • Used very rarely, Quite Unused
    • In perfect working condition
    • Asking Price - 500 shipped

Re: Audio Sale

I wanted to take Ne-6, but i will avoid as it was purchased from lynx (amarbir) and i don't wanna get into any troubles to claim warranty if in case they go kaput..after a while. Sorry and good luck for your sale !!
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