PC Peripherals Nzxt Hue Color Problem

I received Nzxt Hue from primeabgb 2 days back.

Problem is, only white color is displaying on led strip.
Rotating the 3 knobs, not changing any color.

What should I do?[DOUBLEPOST=1397031887][/DOUBLEPOST]Problem Solved :)
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I reassemble my pc, now nzxt hue not working properly.

When I connect arrow sign on connector with + sign on strip, it does not work.
But when I change the direction (opposite), it works but blue color is not coming on led strip and green knob giving red & red knob giving green color..What may be the problem?


Check the led strip throughly. There might be a rare cut somewhere. I had the same issue, the strip was cut in midway hence red and green use to glow but blue very very faint or only when I touch it with my fingers.
I fastened the cut with cellotape by making sure the contacts are joined and it worked great!

Or may be in your case the knob or its connection is faulty.