Android OnePlus really disappointed me with 8 Pro

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My wife needed a secondary phone for her online classes and communication with students. She uses an iPhone XR as primary phone.
Few days back I bought a K20 pro ( via non official channel, with no warranty) which is a terrific phone. I wanted to buy it, but changed my mind ( due to the warranty issues here) and bought a 8 Pro from T mobile store itself.

Now this phone doesn't have always on display ( at least I couldn't find it in settings) or notification LED. And the absence of the always on display without LED is a big bummer.
The crazy battery drain: Yes, I changed the refresh rate and default resolution, but it's still below par.
Now the camera, I personally don't care about the cameras in a phone, but my wife does.
I've read some reviews and watched a few videos on YouTube about the camera and thought it to be a decent camera. But this is NOT GOOD at all.
I'm no good with mobile camera but pretty confident about camera in general, specially in manual mode. The primary sensor ( or the image processing) is absolutely garbage. In manual mode I can get almost similar picture ( often slightly better) from much cheaper Note 10 lite even the dirt cheap k20 pro. And in auto mode the XR's camera is significantly better ( specially in computer/ iPad screen or printouts)
Now the worst part... something I do quality...with passive dongles the output is possibly the worst I've heard in recent times. It's terrible, I tried 3 dongles with same result.
And enabling dark mode is a ****ing nightmare. You can't select multiple icons at once in the stock launcher ( or I don't know how to do it)
The phone is really large even for my big hands ( though it's not a big deal as my wife also has very long fingers) but I couldn't find any one handed mode in settings.
Yes, the phone is very snappy, but even k20 pro is also very fast and costs one third of 8 Pro.
And if you're a heavy user and on mobile data all day, there's no way it will last a long work day.
I haven't returned it yet but seriously thinking about it.
I had the 5T and it was an awesome phone, but these newer OnePlus phones IMHO are getting worse with every new release. They are adding flashy things to match Samsung and missing out on some neat tricks of Sammy.
Oh!! And that slightly curved display edges, the worst trend these days, it increases the price considerably without any practical use.
She needs a workhorse, no nonsense phone with dependable battery life and doesn't mind spending more on a phone as that's her main working device ( unlike me, I'm a laptop person for work mostly)
Will possibly end up getting another iPhone ( 11 pro max or whatever they call it), despite all the limitations and that ugly notch, I also think iPhone is still the best for work, most of my friends don't even research about phones, they just buy iPhones for work and considering the recent price of Samsung/ OnePlus flagships, iPhones are not that overpriced here.
I used to like OnePlus, but from the recent experiences it's not worth the hassle ( digging in menus, setting up everything for one day's heavy usage without the charger nearby etc.etc.)
For me, since I mostly work from a Windows laptop, a cheap Xiaomi phone is more than enough.

red dragon

I just don't understand strategy of OnePlus. Who's their main competitor?
If Samsung, they should do something about about their camera and image processing.
Oxygen OS is not enough for their current pricing.
I was really surprised how difficult it is to activate proper dark mode in Oxygen.
8 Pro starts from above 800 EUR in my country ( it's cheaper in UK though) that's not cheap by any means.
I really had very high expectations after K20 pro (it's such a nice cheap phone)


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It's like 600 euros in India after discount and the normal OP8 is 450 euros. Yes, you are correct in assuming that, for many people, Oxygen OS is one of the main reasons to go for a OP flagship over other flagships. Asus, Huawei, Realme and Xiaomi have been undercutting OP with their offerings but the allure of Oxygen OS is still quite strong for some people and rightly so because not everyone can debloat MI roms and Oxygen OS is just very polished and simple, which once you get used to, is difficult to leave, just like it is for iPhone users.


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I on the other hand detest OxygenOS. I had a Oneplus X, which never got any updates to begin with and then had too-ooo many bugs! I never found the UI very coherent either.

One Plus is a pure marketing company with no original smartphone of their own. They are all rebranded Oppo phones. OP is really good at Marketing, I'll give this to them, almost at par with Apple atleast in India, but what I truly detest is that atleast Apple has good products to sell. Apple does innovate (albeit a little late), has one of the best devices and SoC and has great QC. (Though I'd never buy an Apple device for myself coz not my cup of tea.)

Oneplus on the other hand does only marketing BS - hyping up everything and then providing screen with Tint issues in their flagship, removing Headphone Jack just because they wanted to sell their BT earphones, no software support for OPX, pre-installing Facebook spam apps and then easily forgotten data collection scandal!!

I prefer the Pixel or Lineage OS and almost always flash LOS on my phones.

red dragon

The OnePlus wireless earphones ( bullet or whatever) are garbage. Xiaomi makes far better earphones too.
I'm also pretty pissed off by OnePlus. 8pro is a very annoying phone, the curved display is a complete nuisance.
The only thing I liked about the phone is that alert slider.
Don't know why/ how YouTubers are praising the camera,