Orange San Francisco aka ZTE blade with OLED Screen

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I want to sell my orange San Francisco aka ZTE Blade that i imported from UK 1 month back. This phone has got OLED screen.

This phone has got screen protector right from day one and therefore don't have any scratches on the screen. Though there are 2 very light scratch on the back button.
It's not visible when used in day to day operation. Also, there is a very very small dent on the top left and top right of the phone. Other than that, the phone is in very good condition.

I have rooted the device and installed CynagenMod ROM.

Items included:
Handset (comes in original box)
Data Cable
Hands Free
(2gb card is not included)

I am expecting Rs. 10,500 (Shipped) for the phone.

Reason for Selling: Upgraded

PS: Mumbai buyers preferred



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clear your inbox man and are there any problems in the working of the phone because the of the bump because i suppose it must have fallen from your hand and why no memory card i suppose it comes with the phone
There is no problem in its working and it never fell down. It got the dent when i was traveling in mumbai local at peak hours. (Mind, u won't even notice it is there). U will have to search for it.

I wanted to keep it. If u want, i can include the memory card. I think i need to edit the listing.

Inbox Cleared.
Ygpm .......

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SOLD to me :bleh::clap:

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Money transferred waiting for tracking details
received the phone today and GUYS NEVER USE PROFESSIONAL COURIER SERVICE FOR ANY THING THEY TAKE AGES but very pleasant experience with Nikhil poddar
Yes. The services of Professional couriers are totally scrap.

Anyway nice dealing with manpreetsingh46.

I request the moderators to close the thread.

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