FS: Headphone Original Sony MH755

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Jan 1, 2015
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Have too many Audio equiments, can't justify having these.

Hi, I am selling original Sony MH755. These are original because I got this with a Sony Bluetooth receiver, I guess its model name was SBH20 or something.

Why you may want these?
Because of their pleasant and almost Harman like tuning and praise by Crinacle. Also, original MH755 are extremely diffuclt to find.

Why you may not want these?
The cable is shorter than ideal, about 60cm. You may recable it or use it with your bluetooth receiver. I don't have enough time for that.

Why am I selling these?
Lost the bluetooth receiver. Don't have the use case for these. These were hardly used for more than 20 hours since bought. SMH. Also, I have too many IEMs and headphones. Can't justify having so many.

If you don't know what these are, but want an IEM, please don't buy these.

If you have been in this hobby for long enough to know what these are and want these, then do message.

You will only get the item shown in the image. I am sorry, I may not have the extra eartips with me. I will try to search for them. If I find them, will update.


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I have a SBH20 receiver somewhere (earphone had conked off). Best bluetooth earphone I ever used. Let me search if I can find it, will buy if I find it and price is reasonable
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