Palit ATI Radeon 4870 1gb on Sale

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Hi Guys

I am from Mumbai and i wanna sell my Palit ATI 4870 1gb Sonic edition card.

Card is working perfectly fine without any issues

Took it from Sorcerer 1 year back

Warranty- 1 year remaining i think

Expected price is 5.5k

No lowballing please

Negotiations only thru PM

Card details-
Card on sale for Mumbai buyers only who can pickup the card personally

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Card back on sale for everyone.

Shipping charges will be given by buyer..

For Mumbai who can pickup the card personally-5k

For people interested outside Mumbai-5.5k shipped

No lowballing

Want to sell it asap.

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Card sold to Nukeu666

Nukeu666 will collect the card from me tommorow

Payment will be done tommorow as per Nukeu666
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