Budget 21-30k PC build for office use


Budget is 20-30k, lower the better

Need all the components for a CPU only (don't include monitor, keyboard, mouse)

Will be running Windows 11

Full HD monitor resolution

Not looking to game on this, just some.office work in MS Excel, Word. Do i need to buy MS office? If so include that in the config

Will be buying it from Delhi or online

Not looking to upgrade anytime soon, this will be the final config

Here's a Ryzen build. Prices are approximate.

CPU - Ryzen 3 3200G ~ 8k
PCB - Galax A320M ~ 4k
RAM - Crucial 8GB 3200MHz x1 ~ 1.5k
SSD - Crucial P3 500GB ~ 3k
PSU - CM MWE 450W ~ 3k
CAB - Fingers RBG Flow ~ 2.5k

Total ~ 22k (19k without PSU)

Not really recommending this, but a few cabinets like the one listed come with PSU; usually about 400-500W, which should be enough for this build. But, they're likely unrated and thus unreliable. I figured it comes down to whether you're looking to save/spend for better motherboard, dual channel RAM, things like that and how you assess your risk. Safer option would be to go with a rated PSU, like the one listed which is 80+ Bronze, and not necessarily the listed cabinet.