pc with horizontal cabinet


Hi All,

i am looking to build a horizontal machine, so what are my options for horizontal cabinet.

it will be used mainly for internet,word etc.

Thanks for help,

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anyone ? looking for MB and CPU too, planning to buy AMD, can someone suggest me a CPU and mobo too, want onboard graphics , will not use card..



sorry, here is my query in right format.

Q: What is your budget?

no budget but just want to buy which is sufficent for my use

Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model)

- current pc is dead,

Q: Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model)

Monitor - Dell 19"

Harddisk IDE(if possible)

keyboard, mouse etc

Q: Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have already decided on a configuration then please mention the (component brand and model) as well, this will help us in fine tuning your requirement.


Motherboard - any compatible motherboard with onboard graphics

GPU - NOt needed

RAM - 2 GB

Cabinet - horizontal one, but dont want hi end htpc thing. just want to put monitor on cabinet.

Q: Is this going to be your final configuration or you would be adding/upgrading a component in near future. If yes then please mention when and which component

Yes, will upgrade the following within 6 months

- no upgrade planned

Q: Where will you buy this hardware? (Online/City/TE Dealer)


Open to online purchase

Q: Would you consider buying a second hand hardware from the TE market


Q: What is your intended use for this PC/hardware


MS office

Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them and the reason for your preference/dislike.

- will prefer banrds which have good reputation in service

Q: If you will be playing games then which type of games will you be playing?

- no gaming

Q: What is your preferred monitor resolution for gaming and normal usage

- no gaming

Q: Are you looking to overclock?


Q: Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration?

Windows 7 64 bit

windows XP


Beware of the limitations in upgrading your system in terms of adding more HDDs or Optical Drives. Mini-itx cabinets tend to have less number of slots for these...


Thanks for info, not planning to upgrade. as mentioned it will be for general use.

just one question, for MB is it best possible i can buy, in term of onboard graphics ? what other options i have ?

also cabinet details mentions "Excellently cooled slim enclosure to support up to 65W CPU ", and cpu suggested is 95 W. any issues ?

how about i go with MD Athlon II X2 260 Regor 3.2GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65




sorry more queries

1) if i put 95W cpu in CM Elite 100 cabinet , will it create any issues ?

2) do i need slim line optical drive for above cabinet? if yes can please someone suggest one


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anyone ? looking to buy it soon