Pentium 4 3.0ghz with HT processor, 512mb 8500GT,1.5gb DDR1 rams, .

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quan chi

>Pentium 4 3.0ghz with HT = Rs 800

5years used.still in good condition.
No warranty left
I am interested in selling the processor only if you want i will give you the heat sink and fan for free as the fan may make noise.
RAMS SOLD to mh09ad5578
>1.5gb DDR1 rams


It has still 1 month warranty left.
Have the bill.
its in good condition.


5years used.No warranty left.
its in good Condition.
Sold to technubie.
>Xfx 512mb 8500GT=Rs 1200

1 month warranty left.
unfortunately have lost the bill.
has been replaced 2 times.
the one shown in the photograph is the new one replaced.Only used for 2-3 months
still i have the requisite RMA no or the receipt.

Total =Rs3200
The prices are already low.Mumbai residents will be preferred first.
If you want me to ship you have to guide me and pay for the shipping.I am kinda new in this.
I will give 1 month guarantee to those products whose guarantee period has been expired viz that processor and the 512mb ram.If anything goes wrong within a month only the moneyfor that particular product will be returned.Physical damage will not be entertained.

If you are interested kindly pm me or reply in this thread.


You have to mention your username with current date on piece of paper along with your products.
rahul2003 said:
You have to mention your username with current date on piece of paper along with your products.
Oh! sorry my mistake,Will surely do that .
Techie#1 said:
what brand ddr1 rams?(1 gb)
Dude its clearly mentioned in the picture Hynix , strontium(both same).
I already got a request from mh09ad5578 For the rams.and i kindly request him also to post here.
unreal_ishan said:
^^is the 8500 agp or pci-e?
Maya2009 said:
Of course card having PCI Bus.........
correct its PCIE x16.
yep am taking the rams waiting for IFsc code, will do NEFT transfer today as soon as i get the details
mh09ad5578 said:
Payement made (For RAMs only), awaiting shipment.!!:)
Payment received dont worry as mentioned in the mail will try to ship today itself only will update you in the evening. :)

Rams sold.
technibie is showing interest in Xfx8500 gt.i request him to post here too.
have received rams in good condition and good packaging too. Will be posting a positive i trader rating
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