FS: Processor Pentium G4560 LGA 1151 socket (with cooler) - 5 years old


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Visakhapatnam, AP
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4 out of 5
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Jan 16, 2016
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Upgraded, technically
Selling my old Pentium as the motherboard it was in died. It is fantastic value for 1080p gaming when paired with something like a 1050 Ti or a 1060 3GB, and general computing, and it'll crush anything as an HTPC, and if you're a miner you can stay as cool as this CPU and almost forget that it exists with its power draw. The cooler mounts are slightly damaged from age, but otherwise works as it should, no problems. I put the condition as 4 out 5 only for its age. Shipping at actuals, but negotiable.

(Date is not exact, but definitely is January of 2016)


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