Pentium IV System + 5.1 Channel HT Speaker System (Price Drop!)

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Item: Pentium IV System + 5.1 Channel HT Speaker System

Condition: Used but in Excellent Condition.

Location: Mumbai

Shipping: Sorry, No Shipping. Local Buyers Only.

Reason for Sale:
Upgrading to a Net Top & a Laptop.

Sale Conditions: Will be sold only as a combo of the Pentium IV System + 5.1 Channel HT System. NO SEPARATE SALE.

Price Expected: Rs.6,500/- (Pentium IV System + 5.1 Channel HT System). No Separate Sale.


1) Pentium IV System:

Processor: Intel Pentium IV HT 2.8 GHz
Motherboard: Intel D865GBF (Intel 865G HT)
Memory: 1 GB DDR 333 MHz RAM (512MB X 2)
Hard Disk: Samsung SpinPoint 40GB IDE HDD
GPU: Zebronics nVidia 6200A 256MB Graphics Card
Realtek 10/100 Ethernet PCI Card
DLink 56K PCI Modem (Disconnected)
FDD: Sony FDD (Not Working/Disconnected)
Optical Disks: Samsung CD-DVDRW Drive
Samsung CDRW-DVD Combo Drive

PSU: iBall 400W PSU (3 Yr. Warranty DOP: 18/08/08)
Cabinet: iBall iBox Cabinet ATX

Keyboard: iBall iKey Multimedia Keyboard
Mouse: iBall Blue Eye Optical Mouse

Monitor: I am not selling the Monitor as it is only 3 Months old I my cousin has already decided to keep it. Sorry, can’t refuse him.

None of the items are separated in the pictures as I am currently using the PC & did not want to disassemble the components just for the sake of taking pictures. Please bear with me on this. I really don’t like fiddling with hardware except when necessary. But still, I have managed to include pictures of the major components.

2) Dapic 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System:

5 Satellite Speakers
1 Sub Woofer
1 Full Function Remote Control
All cables necessary for making connections.

Very Sparingly Used.

Though the brand (Dapic) is not much heard of, this system provides a decent bang for the buck. I got is as a gift & hence do not have the bill for the system. But it is around 18-20 months old.
Not much used except for watching that 1 family movie every fortnight or so! It’s in immaculate condition, as good as new (See Pictures).
Though I don’t have the bill for this system, I do have all its manuals & cables which will be provided to you.

Box & Bills:
I have the boxes for all the items listed above except the Keyboard, Mouse, RAM, HDD, Cabinet & Speaker System for which I don’t have boxes.

I have bills for all above items except the PSU & Speaker System. But the PSU carries a replacement warranty & has been signed by my dealer with the DOP. So, bill is not a requirement for warranty. The dealer is my friend & I can assist you in case of any problems. Speaker System obviously has no warranty.

I also have the manuals, brochures & such other documents that came with all of the above items which will be provided to you.


None of the above items carry any warranty except those ones which have a specific mention of warranty along with the Date Of Purchase (DOP).

Sale Notes:
1)I will provide a 3/7 days testing Warranty for all the items mentioned above.
2)All above items have been used by me & are in immaculate condition (See Pictures) as they have always been used in an AC room with all the components being air cleaned every 6-8 Months & CPU/GPU Heatsink Compound (Arctic Silver) being replaced every 11-12 months by me personally.
3)After the testing warranty period, I will still provide you technical support (Assembling & Troubleshooting PCs is my hobby & I do it for free!) provided you don’t encroach on my convenience!
4)None of the above items will be sold separately. In fact, I plan to sell the PC & the Speaker System together. So, No Separate Sale.
5)Price can be negotiated slightly for a genuine buyer.
6)This PC was assembled by me & hence is free from any Manufacturing Defects!
Additional Notes:
1)All types of comments (Good, Bad & Ugly) are Welcome!
2)You can suggest Price Revisions but don’t expect me to easily accept them as I am aware of the immaculate condition of my items & the pains I have taken to keep them that way!
3)PM is the best way to discuss the trade. But if u reply to my thread & then PM me, it will be even better.
4)Please don’t ask for shipping as it would be impossible to do the same.
5)You can Lowball if you so desire but that doesn’t mean that you can get the items at your prices! See Additional Note No.2!
6)Sale would be simple; you visit me, you inspect the items, you pay me & take home the items.
*Any Doubts, Difficulties or Questions not cleared above may either be posted below or may be PMed to me.

Replied to all PMs. Please check your inboxes. Looking for a Quick Sale.
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