Pixel Watch 2


I didn't see a dedicated thread anywhere discussing the new watch 2, but damn Google has made some massive improvements on it. its the first viable Android smartwatch (I don't consider Huawei because of import restrictions) that can somewhat compete with Garmin/Apple. I was watching The Quantified Scientist's review yesterday and its night and day compared to Watch 1. What do y'al think of it? I'll probably grab it on a sale since I need to buy 2 watches (me and dad).

Review for reference:

the 8 series is a dud for me, but Google really pulled off the watch this time imo
Haven't watched the video you posted but read several published reviews and it is rated 3-4 out of 5 everywhere, so wouldn't call it in the league of an Apple Watch while asking the same price.

The main issues seem to be the dome design of the screen which cracks and scratches easily, absolutely no support from Google in terms of repair or battery replacement, the Fitbit premium paywall and lagging well behind competitors in advanced activity tracking features.

Probably okay for those who have money to burn for something that looks different.
I was talking more in terms of sensor accuracy and GPS. it's really close to the Apple watch in most tests and even beats it in some. That's a huge improvement compared to the prev gen. Has Google changed the design of the watch 2 which is leading to issues? because I know a few folks which have been using the watch 1 and it's working out fine for them
It is definitely better than the first iteration in every way.

I was a Fitbit user for a long time and had simply poor tracking in too many scenarios, so not sure if it works consistently well in all situations now considering the Fitbit integration. However, the sensors and algorithms would be definitely better than the cheaper Galaxy watches.

The exposed screen scratches and also breaks easily, so not different from the 1 in that way. If someone could manage it earlier, then they can probably do so now. Not sure how well screen protectors go with the curved round screen.

Last thing is the Fitbit Premium subscription requirement for some basic stuff and the fact that Google has admitted that the watch is completely unrepairable in every way, making it an expensive disposable item.
Yeah the factors like above keep making me flip-flop about getting a Pixel Watch 2. On one hand I know it's clearly the best on Android with the sensors and accuracy... on the other hand getting a Google device with basically no service in India and no repair makes me very hesitant... and seeing how garbage Samsung Watch # accuracy results are I don't wanna go that route either so it feels like I'll be sticking to my WatchActive 2 for a good long while yet.