Pokki [HTML5 Desktop App Drawer] and Droid Run


This is an info as well as a vote request thread, so putting it under GT.

There is this concept called Pokki which aims at making your desktop livelier, and brings the concepts of "app on the desktop", also acting as a showcase of HTML5. To be honest, I heard about this only when one of my friends asked for votes for a game he wrote on this one.

So here it goes, you might want to try Pokki [http://www.pokki.com/download/?name=Pokki&etag=Pokki_Pokki] (not for the vote, but because it genuinely looks really cool)

And then, if you like it, please do try out the game "Droid Run" (http://www.pokki.com/1up/#droidrun) . All you need to do is download it, and let it be on your machine till the 10th, and play it at least once - more if you like it. No voting required.





Twitter app


While on that, I need to add I liked the GMail and Facebook apps that it comes with!