Prepping for Armageddon - my list of chemicals, any suggestions/modifications?

Veek M

(Edited to add this:
You will note that my list contains Glacial Acetic Acid at 90%+ concentration - if the Chemist had sold me some, I'd be dead by now. So.. it's a list I could never actually use because of my lack of knowledge on how dangerous some of this stuff is. PAY THE EXTRA for Vinegar. Don't be a total moron like me.
MSDS Sheet

And this is why I was mislead (not that it matters now because I could have been killed)
<-- I would say some very rude things about fat heifers but my skinny but should have done a better job of checking!)

Small quantities of chemicals that I can buy and store. For equipment
nearest pack. Any suggestions on your part are welcome.
Home/hobby use - mostly for cooking, preserving, DIY/convenience vs running to the shop.

1. Aluminium foil - food preservation - sealing cracks
2. Iron filings - food preservation
3. Ferric Chloride - etching PCB
4. Calcium Chloride Anhydrous - dessicant
5. Calcium Sulphate Anyhydrous
6. Magnesium Sulphate
5. Acetic Acid Anyhydrous - to make vinegar
6. Pectin - food grade
7. Citric acid Monohydrate|Anhydrous
8. Cream of Tartar - to make baking powder
9. Sodium Carbonate
10. Bentonite powder
11. Bees wax
12. Paraffin - liquid
13. Paraffin - wax pellet
14. Petrolatum jelly
15. Graphite powder - for making graphite crucible
16. Borax powder - sodium tetraborate decahydrate
17. Aluminium Silicate
18. Silicon Carbide - Carborundum
19. Iron Oxide Powder - for ferrites
20. Gelatin
21. Agar-agar - cooking
22. Calcium Oxide - quicklime
23. Magnesium Oxide
24. Milk of Magnesia - Magnesium Hydroxide
25. Tin foil - soldering
26. Zinc granules
27. Boric Acid - welding flux
28. Sodium Hydroxide - caustic soda
29. Indole Butyric Acid - rooting hormone (reasonable price please)
30. Potassium Nitrate - curing salt
31. Sodium Nitrate
32. Sodium Nitrite
33. Potassium Chloride
34. Calcium Phosphate monohydrate
35. H2So4 - sulphuric acid
36. Activated Charcoal
37. Sodium BiSulfate
38. Iodine 25gm
39. Magnesium Oxide
40. Magnesium metal turnings
41. Turpentine oil

1. PP-Plastic Measuring Jar/Beaker+Handle - 250ml, 500ml, 1Liter
1. Generic Plastic Measuring Jar/Beaker+Euro design - 100ml, 250, 500ml, 1Liter
2. Cooking Thermometer - should have metal probe
3. Baking Thermometer - should be placed in oven
3. Human Thermometer - not rectal.
4. Bunsen Burner - Borosil - LPG
5. Bunsen Burner Stand 4" tripod
6. Bunsen Burner TUBE - for LPG.
7. Carboy Funnel - 200L
8. Tube Funnel - large - should have a pipe from the funnel
9. Contact Key - tapping key - morse code
10. Education Weighing Balance - small weights and large (cheap NOT Precision) for cooking
11. pH indicator paper - Litmus test
12. Litmus powder
13. Vernier caliper - kristeel/insize - manual 100mm
14. 10x magnifier
15. Micrometer 50-75mm outside
16. Dial indicator 10mm

1. Glass/Plastic Bottles + vacuum seal lid - "Ball Jars"
CATALOGUE for preserving food - pickles and such
2. Petri dish - 90mm approx glass borosil
3. Test tube -12x75 glass borosil
4. 1L Reagent bottle - flat head stopper - Borosil
5. 1L Reagent Graduated screw cap - Borosil

1. Isopropanol 70%
2. Ethanol 96%
3. Potassium Permanganate
4. Formalin - 40% Formaldehyde
5. Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate
6. Povidone-Iodine - powder
7. Cetrimide - trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB)
8. Calcium Hypochlorite - chlorinated lime

1. Vacuum Pump - rotary vane - 1|2 stage
2. Brake Bleeder pump
3. Microscope (compound, oil, adjustable condenser, DIN) - mushroom, bees, sericulture
4. Microscope - slides/plain-76x26mm + cover-slip/square-24x24mm + immersion oil + Stain (Iodine, Methylene Blue, Eosin, Toluidene blue, Crystal violet)
5. Autoclave - pressure cooker/canner - weighted cooker+pressure-gauge 15-PSI at least
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I got 1000 rounds of 9mm fmj. j/k


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I would make weapons, if resource is scarce in a armagedon , the first thing other survivors will do is try to steal from you.

So for for this corona related stuff, I have liters of hand wash, that I use even on vegetables and fruits and eggs and all other packed packets etc.
Hand sanitizers alcohol based in every room, I used to follow this even before when in cold season, where one family member can spread it to everyone else. and lots of chemicals listed in goverment website for disinfectant.

Edit exactly my point in the above picture.

Veek M

1. anyone know where we can buy guns - it's expensive as well (in BLR)
2. why not use soap instead - hand-wash is alcohol based whereas soap's cheaper and tears apart the outer layer of the virus (it's the cleaning mechanism of soap - stripping the oil film)
3. a lot of my stuff is storage of food - I figured instead of buying "ball" jars i might as well using Borosil glassware for labs or cleaning/disinfectants/solvents/refractory chemicals/fertilizer/or ingredients to make baking powder-Plaster of paris.
4. I don't think it's a good idea to kill people - there are too many poor people in India anyhow.. the idea is to gain an edge so that you can influence and do something more sensible besides hoarding.


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listed guns on are a joke. also a rip off. just sayin.
this one for example... is about 900usd. for that money you get a sig 320 xfive legion.

Yep gun prices in India are retarded and what is funny is you can't even import your own.

You have to buy shit sold by ordinance factory and only certain weird not so common bores are allowed.

A basic 9mm parabellum is banned. If that is not stupid, i don't know what is.


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2. why not use soap instead - hand-wash is alcohol based whereas soap's cheaper and tears apart the outer layer of the virus (it's the cleaning mechanism of soap - stripping the oil film)
Yes soap is cheaper, take for eg banana, if i clean it with liquid soap handwash the color changes not so with alcohol.

Besides without gloves washing hands that many times including doing your dishes peels off the outer skin(maid on paid leave). So at times i prefer alchol based ones.


Is it going to help you much if someone comes at you with 5.56/7.62x39 or God forbid 7.62 NATO?

And on another note why FMJ and not hollow point? Not many people will have body armour.
reason is simple, I bought them couple of months ago for practice and was too busy to practice so they are just sitting there. I live in a very safe and civilized area. I dont usually worry about home defense and such. Also, in my opinion worrying about Armageddon is too much effort both financially and mentally. I would rather live like a Labrador pup.

What you crazies in this thread is education. get this book.

Veek M

my list got shot down by the chemical store - I explained the canning preserving bit - he got cautious - told me - No. (go for a shorter simpler list with no back-story - they don't like complexity) He wouldn't even sell me the bottles after I opened my mouth about canning/preserving.

(attempt-1 required Aadhaar) Here's my updated list for attempt-3: <soon to come>
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Subsequently I took a fresh look at my list - this is why he did not sell me ANYTHING!
MSDS Sheet

And this is why I was mislead (not that it matters now because I could have been killed)
<-- I would say some very rude things about fat heifers but my skinny but should have done a better job of checking! She's basically LYING THAT she's using Glacial Acetic Acid which is sold at 99% concentration - it's very corrosive - fumes etc
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