FS: Consoles PS3 500 GB + Accessories + PS3 Games

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Product Name: Sony PlayStation 3 500 GB ( 4.53 ) , Accessories , Games
Expected Price:
Sony PlayStation 3 500 GB : Rs 16,000 shipped. PS3 comes in original box with packing & accessories.
2 Move Controllers: Rs 750 each. SOLD
PS3 Eye : Rs. 500. SOLD
1 DS3 wireless controller: Rs. 950 SOLD
Nitho Arch Charger ( Rare, purchased in 2011 ) : Rs. 1250 ( http://www.nitho.com...=&idcat=&id=418 ) SOLD

Games ( All games Played just once, Add Rs 50 for shipping per game/movie. ):
Batman Arkham Origins ( with DLC unused codes ): Rs 1600
Dante Inferno ( Death Edition ): Rs 750 ( Not sure if code used )
Uncharted ( Trilogy Edition : All 3 Games with original box ): Rs 2100. SOLD
Demons Souls: Rs. 750
God of War Collection Volume 2: Rs 500
GTA 5: Rs. 1700 ( Blimp Code used ) SOLD
Sports Champions: Rs 400 SOLD
Racket Sports: Rs 650
Little Big Planet - GOTY: Rs 600
The Last of Us: Rs 1500 ( Code Used ) SOLD

Blu Ray:
Despicable Me: Rs 400
Up: Rs 400.

Negotiations/price discussion through PM Route only.

Shipping charges: Through DTDC. I will ship console only if buyer pays full amount for shipping. I don't have a quote but add Rs 1,000 to the price. If less, I will transfer the balance. If more, the buyer transfers the balance. If buyer wants insurance, it will be extra. Games & Movies: Add Rs 50 for shipping per game/movie.
I can meetup in Delhi NCR for selling console face to face. Accessories, games & movies will be shipped.
Manufacturer page URL: www.sony.co.in/product/playstation+3+500+gb
Reason for Sale: No longer spending enough time on PS3. Moving on to other activities.
Product condition: Brand New. This was a replacement console which I got from Sony through Croma extended warranty period in December 2013. Now the extended warranty period has expired. I believe the new console has warranty until August 2014 as I obviously don't have purchase invoice ( Check last Image ).
All other stuff works great and has been used carefully. Tested out all items and checked.
Purchase Date: December 2013.
Remaining Warranty period: 7 Months on console. Nothing on other items.
Invoice Available: No but warranty paper from Sony is there ( Check last image )
Shipping to:All over India.
Preferred courier: DTDC
Payment options: NEFT/Cash Transfer/Cash.
Images: 11 images Album Link
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Nope , the DS3 controller is not new. Must have purchased in 2012 but its in great condition.
Sparingly used as I mostly use the older DS3 controller which came with the old console
This one was used only when some friend was over.


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Seems I had quoted quite high then selling price of items these days, bad economy I guess :D
Prices reduced considerably on items.


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nope, not JBed.
Its on latest 4.53 update.
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hold it for me till tommorow evening
is it sealed pack??
shipping to lucknow(uttar pradesh) is possible?
and how much for a face to face deal in delhi...
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