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Currently I'm looking for these games. As long as the disc is in excellent [preferrably pristine] condition I won't say no to third hand games also. Box is a must. Manual not so much.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Dead Space
  • Infamous
  • Dante's Inferno

Also on the lookout for some good hack n slash, dungeon crawling RPG's [No Oblivion or Japanese Turn based RPG's] So if you have some good titles, make me an offer I can't refuse :eek:hyeah:

UPDATE: Bought Uncharted 2 new and Uncharted 1 from Ankur. Don't want LBP now as I have just bought R&C [3 games]. Guys be a little reasonable in the offer, offering 90% to 80% of the original price for a year old product sounds a little unfair.
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