FS: Keyboard and Mice Rantopad H3 Mousepad Sale for Rs.500 only with Shipping (MRP 750)

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A friend has extra stock of really good Rantopad H3's with him. It's just sitting with him forever and wants to sell off the remaining cheap. Original price was Rs.750, now he's knocking em off for just Rs.500 with shipping.

Payment Options: UPI, Bank transfer, Cash (Direct pickup from Belapur/Andheri)

******************Please PM for Payment details******************

Dimensions - 14.5 x 11.5 inch, 3mm thick
In comparison, the current Rantopad H1X Fabric one Medium size is Medium 13.7"x 9.4"x 0.1" and Large size is 16.5"x 11"x 0.15". The H3's are smack in the middle of these sizes, a little bigger than medium size.

2 types available -
Matrix – Perfect for more controlled movements (similar to Razer Mantis Control)
Silk (Glide) – More for Speed and smoothness of movement (similar to Razer Mantis Speed)

Features & Personal Experience -
- High-quality fabric surface for either precision movements or smooth movements
- Soft to touch and thick. I cover the edge of my desk with the mousepad so that they desk edge doesn't hurt me.
- Very durable. I've been using for past 4 years and only now I changed my mouse pad. The older one is on my family PC and is still being used.

Note - Pictures here do not do justice to the Rantopad H3's at all. Pics are far too highly compressed on TE. For colours and feel of the mouse pad, please connect to drop in.

Size comparison
Regular mousepad (in blue) VS the BIG Rantopad H3 next to it.


Matrix (Grip friendly) mousepads

Rantopad H3 - Matrix Cobweb


Close up of texture


Silky smooth (Glide friendly) mousepads
Only colour variations

Silk Blue


Silk Amethyst

Silk Green

Silk Orange

Blue Ice

The Underside of All mousepads

The underside of the huge H3's has a solid grip

The packaging
Rantopad-H3-Packaging.jpg[DOUBLEPOST=1525408235][/DOUBLEPOST]Bump! Bulk orders also accepted.
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