CPU/Mobo Rashi Woes!!


Hey guys, I had decided to write a big smash up mail to asus and xfx about rashi service in Kolkata as well as abroad, so will you guys help me?

I need:

1. Post in this thread, giving as much detail of the problem as possible, model no, date of rma claim, hassles if any, time taken, and how long the new product worked. You can post good experience as well, ABSOLUTELY NO NAMING of service personnel(we are not going after anyone's job are we? That would be inhuman), also you can link to your older posts here as well, I'll clean it up.

2. You can post your or friends experience as well, I need the same details as above as much as you can provide.

3. please do not fabricate, write down true experience, you do not need to prove anything though.

4. You can also email me the content of the post at tkintechguy@gmail.com

5. Also mention in the mail if you'd like to be contacted by asus/xfx in future, if yes, you can give your name, phone(optional) and email address on the mail that you send me, this last step is absolutely optional.
Please do this guys, this is much needed for us, if you don't do this issue will never get solved, please help me, if this works your reward is better xfx and asus service in kol and abroad, it never hurts to try right? As far I remember we never tried something massive like this before, if they get enough complaints together they might act.

So lets start, spread the word around, I will send the mail as soon as I get enough posts here, and do click the poll on top.

Mods, if you have issue with this, you can relocate or remove this.

PS: Hey mods, little help needed, made a few spelling mistakes in the poll, its 02:45 and I am sleepy, please fix it, aweful->awful and experiance-> experience