Razer Copperhead Mouse

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Hello friends,

I'm selling a new razer copperhead mouse purchased two days back from TE market from Titana. He got it as a replacement for his old dead mouse.

Purchase date : 10/apr/2009 from SMC International

Warranty left : 11 Months

Led colour : Tempest Blue

Price : 1500 + shipping (non negotiable)

Reason for sale : Events turned in such a way that for the next few months I'm struck with my nettop only. Don't want to waste this good gaming mouse on a measly nettop.

Condition : Brand new. Used it for a few mins for testing then packed back. Original box, bill, driver cd etc are all there.

Pics :

Why Blazeflash is the fastest : I shipped the product on 16th, their website showed it was out for delivery on 19th and it was finally delivered on 25th. Delhi to Chennai in only 9 sweet days.

Anyway, the delay aside, i'm glad the product finally reached the buyer in proper condition.
blazeflash is teh suck. I've gotten stuff in 4 days via dtdc plus/blue from mumbai.

In trivandrum, you're doomed if you're getting stuff via blazeflash. the local franchisee will sit on it, maybe give you a missed call at some obscure time, and if you call back, ask you to come over and pick it up. else it goes back saying they did not find the recipient. had this happen way too often :mad:
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