Razer Death Adder *price reduced*

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Rule2 : Plz enlighten me abt anything via PM.
Rule3 : Negotiation only via PM

All prices exclusive of shipping. I have had no probs dealing on forums and i intend to keep it tht way, so troublemakers excuse.

Everything SOLD...........Death Adder Remaining

I am selling some more stuff OCZ vendetta( sealed box, Philiphs S 805 Headphones, Typhoon Driving Wheel) maybe next week or when I get a break.
I can trade Death Adder for

1.Headphones +/-cash
2.PDA/Muzic cell phones + cash
3.Gaming Keyboard
4.Zune, Ipod, Iriver(mp3 player)+/- cash
6.360 wired controller(wireless with PC receiver)

1.Razer Death Adder -2.25k(price drop)2.1k

Its a 10.5 month old death adder. Comes with Manual and Driver CD.
Note: Has 2 smudge on top of the mouse where rubber coating has worn out. Apart frm tht everythin incl mouse feet are in excelent condition.

80 gb+ GP 90cfm on hold for rahul 2003
icefusion on hold for mutant

DA, 250Gb, 3pin to molex avilable............I will ship both th molex connector.....ist silly to ship 1.
Price dop for DA 2.1k + shipping.......Need cash fast......I will call of the sale if I get cash.:eek:hyeah:

I can post HD tune videos if anyone needs it....
Death Adder - can trade with good sound cards or GPU + cash, good headphones etc

apart frm icefusion everything available
Price Drop

1.Razer Death Adder - 2.25k(price Drop) 2.1k
3.Segate 250Gb hard disk - 1.55k
5.3 pin to molex connector -50each
6.Cooler Master Ice Fusion - SOLD
Harddisks sold
Icefusion sold
GT fan + mantis on hold for aasheet

Bump for DA @ 2.1k+shipping.......Ridiculous price:S
molex to 3 pin available......many guys have asked.....but no one came to pick up or pay:bleh:
payment for both stuff made

total amount - 1275

plz ship asap

i have also put pic of the bank bill for payment confirmation :)
Not open for further replies.