RMA experience with Tirupati Enterprises for Seasonic psu


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Once I get the RMA, I will post all the screenshots from my mail inbox. Everyone should know what happens in India regarding rma.
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Sadly my psu got stuck at Delhi customs office. They are not giving clearance to any shipment from China. God knows when I will receive it.
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Thanks for sharing, was looking for Seasonic high wattage units and Tirupati/overclockers are the only dealers in India.

It is disappointing that we enthusiasts have to pay hugely inflated premiums for quality brands and keep getting shorter end of stick during RMA/warranty issues with local dealers. Naming, shaming and creating awareness in only way
to check their abhorrent behavior.

To add to covid-19 supply chain issues we now have this stupid customs blockage for chinese products. Hope you get your shipment soon.

PS. Have you considered EVGA units. Their high wattage line up is highly rated and I read that EVGA Europe *could* look at India purchase/RMA issues.


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Finally I have received my rma unit, Seasonic focus 1000 gd last Wednesday and it's working fine. I am really grateful to Seasonic global for all the support and assistance. I also did not have to pay any customs duty. All's well that ends well.

I will create another thread to display all of the mail conversation.