Roccat Kave 5.1, Nuforce uDAC

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Roccat Kave 5.1

Age: 4 Months

Condition: 9.5/10

reason for sale: Hardly gets time for gaming or HD movies

Warranty, period: Yes, from Primeabgb, whatever its remaining after 4 months.

What you get: Original box, CD, papers, bill

Expected Price: 4.8k shipped

Bought it for 5.6k. Hardly used.




Nuforce uDAC

Age: 4 months

Condition: 9.5/10

Reason For sale: Already have an E7 and goin for an E9 later as an E7 upgrade. Now in very urgent need of money.

Warranty: Yes. Vijay/buygaming stuff (if he is still an official dealer of nuforce in India). He currently doesnt sell uDACs.

What you get: Original box, bill and USB cable

Expected Price: 3.2k shipped

Now it seems to be unavailable with any of the dealers.

Color: red




Please dont crap the thread. PM me if you have suggestions.


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Hold roccat kave for me till evening............

most image hosting sites are blocked at my office............ i will have to see the pics once i reach home today evening..........or if u can upload the pics on tinyurl i will be able to see them..........


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buygamingstuff is no longer an authorised dealer for Nuforce and has been banned from TE as well. There is no chance of claiming warranty from him but Nuforce has helped customers who had bought fom him.
For warranty, you may try contacting Nuforce or ask fah33m who has helped a few members claim warranty from the parent company.

changed fah33m's link :)


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^ Wow :O . There's another Faheem on TE . :rofl: :rofl:.

On a serious note ,what pr0ing just said is sad but true . Off lately ," Buygaming stuff " hasn't been able to provide any support to the existing buyers in terms of RMA etc so consider the the warranty on uDAC as good as gone . Ive been helping out some of the members RMA their IEMs etc but with uDAC its going to be difficult arranging for a replacement in case anything goes wrong due the weight , shipping charges and return shipping.

Having said that , I can say one thing most of these DACs don't die all of a sudden so warranty or no warranty the uDAC at 3.2k is an amazing offer. I myself will be putting mine up for sale soon, for the same or lower price ;).
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