FS: Power Cooling and Modding RTX 3060 12gb, DSLR Flash, Watercooling + Modding gear, Peripherals

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Jul 1, 2023
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I am moving and must part ways with my collection of watercooling and modding gear. Some are free (just pay shipping), others priced at a fraction of their original cost. I prefer giving these items to hobbyists who will make use of them. The goal is a complete clear-out by the end of next week. I would appreciate if local buyers could pick-up from my location near The Leela Palace Hotel. You'll find that most of the items are in good working order. However, please note that, as with any used gear, they have their quirks and their physical condition varies. Watercooling items I'm offering have been part of my personal builds over the past six years, among the fittings, you'll find that some are brand new. I will update the thread with new items. Please PM me with offers or for negotiation.

Edit 8/12: Updated the thread with a couple of new items. Please PM me if any questions:

Still Available​
RTX 3060 12gb (6 months old, 2.5 year warranty left) Excellent condition
Purchased for professional work, switched to 3090
17K Shipped
Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite (body has scratches from storage, never used)1.8K Shipped
Canon Amazonbasics UV filter 52mmFree w flash
Barrow 360mm Copper Radiator (Excellent condition)1.8K Shipped.
2020 Aluminum Extrusions (used to assemble a test bench
lot of Aluminum extrusion nuts, fasteners, mobo standoffs, psu, hdd mount etc.
3K shipped
All other items Sold!
Watercooling parts
EK Supremacy Evo waterblock (AM4 and 115X bracket)3K Shipped
Koolance PMP 450S (Laing D5) Pump + Byksi Pump Top4K Shipped
Barrow Copper 360mm radiator (Like New)4K Shipped
EK Coolstream Slim 360 Radiator500
2 200mm Reservoirs500
Assortment of new and used rigid tubing fittings (Barrow/Byksi)6K
Barrow Rigid tubing Bending kit + 12MM OD Rigid tubing1.5K Shipped
XPSC Ec6 Red Coolant Dye + Cooler Master Thermal Paste (half used)200
Water Fill bottleFree with fittings or tubing
Generic Barrow watercooling pumpFree (just pay shipping)
Modding Tools
Bosch Dremel Multipro1.5K Shipped
Assortment of Dremel bits/accessories + eyeglasses + shroud / comfort guardFree with dremel
Sunbeamtech PSU ATX Pin Removal tool (does not work very well)Free
Soldering accessories (iron copper tips, tin, etc)Free
5x Deepcool RF120 Red Fans (3 excellent, 2 decent condition)1K
Cooler Master V850 80+ Gold PSU (Needs RMA) + Antec 450W PSU (Working)800 (No shipping)
6 Aliexpress generic transparent case fans (Red or Blue led)Free
Ajazz x Nakodex K870t Mechancial Keyboard (6 months old, like new)3K Shipped
NPET Blue Switch Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard700
Broken Magicforce 68 and Xiaomi KeyboardsFree
Xtrfy M4 (left switch double clicks) + Glorious Model O with paracord1.5K Shipped
Replica Zowie Camdae Mouse Bungee400
Apple Pencil 1st gen (Perfectly Working)2.2K shipped


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I know I am late for the party. Please consider me in line for the whole modding tools and NPET Keyboard.
Damn.. would have loved the Dremel and some other stuff like the ALuminiumum, extrusions, etc. Do you have pics of that?
Picked up the NPET, magicforce keyboards and spare Aliexpress fans yesterday locally.
However OP missed the 2.4Ghz wireless receiver of he NPET keyboard but when informed him about it, offered to ship it to me. Nice person to deal with.
Awaiting shipping details.

EDIT (19/08/2023)
I got a package on Monday 14th Aug. It was a bit too large for just a USB receiver for a wireless keyboard.
It was shipped using Delhivery by the seller and it had a box inside of an outer plastic see-through bag.
The bag had a sticker label which had my address (this was done by the courier) BUT the label on the box inside had someone else's address on it.
I immediately knew this was a mix-up by the courier (not really seller's fault). They placed someone else's package inside my shipping bag.

When unboxed, to my surprise, it had 2x 8GB RAM sticks in it. Since OP has another thread where he was selling the RAMs I contacted @Dark_King and @PH0ENiX to let them know about the mix-up.
Also hoped my package probably went to @Dark_King but unfortunately he got a third person's package who's not from TE and even that was empty from inside (allegedly).
This package was not packed by @PH0ENiX and mine was in a white envelop as per his statement.

Throughout all this the communication from @PH0ENiX was very lacking and I'm not sure what efforts were made for retrieving my package but it seems like it's gone for good.
I had arranged a meeting with @Dark_King today to hand him his package personally and it's done as of now.

@PH0ENiX offered me to compensate for the missing receiver but I denied since I don't wanna "punish" him for a mistake done by the courier + he already paid for shipping on his own since he missed to include the item during local deal. So anyways, I'll just use the keyboard via BT only, downside being the device won't work in BIOS or anywhere outside the OS where bluetooth functionality won't work.

Overall still positive experience just with some bad luck.
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I am sorry for the delayed communication over the past week and not addressing the package mix up promptly. I was preoccupied with other affairs - i admit fault here. The mix-up was isolated to packages in Delhi, but rest assured, all other packages were delivered without any issues. I have left feedback for nearly all the buyers. Hope they do the same.

On another note, the following are the last few items still available if anyone wants to take them. I will ship on Monday.
Neewer TT560 Flash - 1.2K
2 x 360mm Copper radiators - 1.3K
2020 Extrusions + bits - 3K

No, unfortunately.


A deal was finalized with @PH0ENiX regarding the RTX 3060 12GB a few days ago. Got the package earlier this week, but couldn't unpack due to being down with viral fever. Finally managed to test it out last night, and everything looked perfect.

No, unfortunately.


A deal was finalized with @PH0ENiX regarding the RTX 3060 12GB a few days ago. Got the package earlier this week, but couldn't unpack due to being down with viral fever. Finally managed to test it out last night, and everything looked perfect.
Glad you got it!

All items have been sold. I am waiting for two more items to reach their respective buyers (extrusions & flash) -
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