FS: Video Card Ryzen 3600, Rx570, Gtx760, DDR3L laptop RAM


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4 out of 5
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  1. Bank Transfer
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Jul 25, 2019
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Excluded - at actuals
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  1. Yes
Remaining Warranty Period
25th July 2022 (for Ryzen 3600)
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Reason for Sale
Planning to move to an APU based setup
Ryzen 3600

Expected Price : 13000

Purchased from a forum member last year as a part of a full PC.
Comes with the heatsink, and invoice is available. No box available.
Purchase date on invoice : 25th July 2019

Sapphire Pulse Rx570 4Gb :

Expected Price : 8000

Bought used from a friend about 2 years ago.
Not in warranty anymore, invoice not available. Box available.
Works perfectly fine, no issues at all.


MSI GTX760 Twin Frozr 2Gb :

Expected Price : 3500

Bought this as a backup card several years ago from another member on the forum.
No invoice, no warranty. Box not available either, but will pack it well for shipping.
Works perfectly fine.

Note : Do keep in mind that the card needs a 8Pin + 6Pin PCIe power.


SkHynix 4Gb DDR3L x 2 RAM for laptops:

Expected Price : 1000

Works fine. These are just old RAM sticks I had extra.
No invoice, no warranty.

all sold??
@Shakensoul made me an offer for both the GPUs soon after I made the thread. He offered me 12k shipped for both the cards, to which I agreed. He then thought he could squeeze a better deal out of me, so went back, and offered me 11k shipped. I said I am firm on the pricing, as I think I priced it very fairly. We then agreed on 11.5k shipped for both cards. He asked for my payment details, which I promptly provided. I had several other offers for the cards, so I asked him when is he planning on making the transfer, so I can confirm the deal. He said it might happen tomorrow. To which I clearly replied that I will not be holding the cards for him, as there are other members who are willing to take both cards as well. The cards were open to other members, and someone else offered me my asking price too, so I shared my payment details to them too, clearly mentioning that another member(Shakensoul) has my payment details too, and I will sell it to them if they make the transfer first. But got the payment from the other member first, so I pinged Shakensoul that the cards are sold, as someone else has paid for them.

Now Shakensoul replied to me saying :
If you cannot keep a simple word, avoid transacting in a public forum as it reflects badly on your ethics.

@puns @vyral_143 Help me understand, what I did, is that unethical?
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I did not want to discuss this small issue publicly but since OP brought it out, thought I would share my thoughts.

I have no issue with whom OP decides to deal or sell, its his prerogative.

In the PM, I did not write payment MIGHT happen tomorrow, but I wrote I will make the payment tomorrow.

So to avoid confusion and not put private messages/words out of context, I am sharing the PM here.

I had asked someone to make the payment through gpay on my behalf since I do not use gpay, but fortunately or unfortunately he was driving so could not do so, and then I had to ask him not to make the payment.



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