Sale: Iphone 4 screen protector, Nokia micro-USB,semi-working laptop 160gb HDD

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Have some of this stuff lying in my drawer which is of no use to me . Couldn't find appropriate section for the thread so posted in general market .Mods please do no delete it without notice.

1) 2 X iPhone 4 screen protectors.

Were ordered for a friend from for ~10$ shipped with some balance paypal money in account . Had also ordered invisible shield which reached earlier.Never installed these .

Condition : brand new

Price : 100 local pick-up. 150 shipped each . 250 Shipped for both.

2) Original Nokia Micro USB cable CA-101D

Condition : brand new

Reason for Sale : Got too many of them

Price : Rs. 100 local pickup. 150 shipped.

3) Semi-working laptop 2.5" WD Toshiba 160GB SATA drive -SOLD

Condition : Has some bad sectors . Not sure but maybe it could be of use to someone if the small number of bad sectors can be blocked.

Please check the scans :

Reason for sale : Replaced with new drive.

Warranty : none

Price : err dunno.. maybe 250 bucks :S .If its of no use to anyone , it goes for free :p -SOLD

EDIT - Not giving it for phree as of now .Please stop Spamming my inbox guys . This was the main reason I didnt want to put it up for free. Already got a dozen PMs asking for the drive.If you have reasonable offer to make ,PM me.

Images :

Simple query - Is that Nokia cable a USB to Mini-USB cable ?. I want one to connect a Seagate FreeAgent Go portable HDD. Am not able to figure it out with those pictures or pictures from google, hence asking :)

Thanx :)
^ Its a Nokia USB to Micro-usb cable , not mini-USB .

Here is a picture , the one on right is micro-USB ,one on left is mini-uSB.

Bump ! Anyone who picks up both the iPhone screen protectors or 1 screen protector + micro USB cable takes the drive free :p.
Any price drop* on the USB Cable... :ashamed:

* I know I am being super cheap and a nasty lowballer... Enjoy a free bump anyway!!! ;)
^ If you can personally collect it .Take it for 100 bucks . This is just a garage sale to get rid of the stuff . Low-balling is allowed :rofl:.
Do u have the same USB to Micro USB cable , with longer length ??

Also , looking for a FEMALE MINI USB to MALE MICRO USB adaptor .

lemme know
^ Nope .Do not have the same cable in longer length .

Bump ! Screen protectors and cable still up for grabs :)
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