Samsung Captivate

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My Samsung Captivate is up for sale.

Don't know how old - I received on 8.2.11. However, the battery manufacturing date is August 2010 - so max 4-5 month old.

Here are the photos:

ImageShack Album - 6 images

The screen, sides are scratch less and like new. The back side has some very very minor usage marks - I've marked those in the picture. But it is very hard to see those from a distance of even 1 feet.

Working without a single problem from 8.2.11 (the day I received the phone). Also got a very high quadrant score of 1690 with the currently installed Serendipity 5.10 (Froyo) ROM.

The last 4 digits are 5299 - but the phone DOESN'T have any shutdown problem - I'm using it for last 12 days - not a single problem. Will offer 3 days testing warranty to the buyer. That includes extensive testing of all features of the phone - no software / firmware upgrade or tinkering. If you have any problem inform me first.

Only selling because I purchased it for wife - she wants a new one and I already ordered a Vibrant for mine for a very good price which I received yesterday.

Overall the condition is "Mint". Comes with original box, charger, retractable USB cable, black silicone case and headset.

Asking Price 15.5K shipped via DTDC Plus or TNT.

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presently on hold for Paddydevil - awaiting payment tomorrow.
Thanks for the offer mate.

But I'd like to keep my word although your offer is more lucrative :) . If paddydevil fails to pay within 11AM - you can have it.
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