Samsung Galaxy S10 launch in India: S10, S10+, S10e


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There is a 4k cashback on all SXE So the final price would be 51900/- But only on HDFC CC
Thats nice as i have hdfc cc. In Diwali this year when i get a new job hopefully it will be for under 44k. Plus since S10 and S10 plus will be the better selling models i hope price decrease for this is more.


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Wasn't it on offer for under 30k or sth last month?

I wasn't considering it because single sim.

Edit: ~32k with hdfc cashback

only available at mrp of 37k now :-/

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Planning on getting a Honor View 20 before the in-display becomes the norm.

Also hate teardrop notches. They remind me of panties.


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Pricing (India):

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e 6GB + 128GB – Rs. 55,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB + 128GB – Rs. 66,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB + 512GB – Rs. 84,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB + 128GB – Rs. 73,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB + 512GB Ceramic (Black) – Rs. 91,900
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+ 12GB + 1TB Ceramic (Porcelain White) – Rs. 1,17,900

As a part of the launch offer, Samsung is offering Galaxy Buds worth Rs. 9,990 at Rs. 4,999 along with HDFC cashback offer of up to Rs. 6,000 or upgrade offer of up to Rs. 15,000 on Galaxy S10.​

Darn cheap.
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The pre order incentives over here are still trash as compared to the rest of the world. Plus we get the worse exynos version to boot


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Here comes the beauty.


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^^ I'm seriously still baffled by how huge displays have become! :arghh: When I am looking for a phone to upgrade from my 6s, I was stunned to find out there were no flagships in the < 5 inches screen size. I get that the bezels have been shrunk, but in spite of having long fingers, I can't even get my thumb to reach the four corners of the display itself (tried this on a XS). One last thing to say.. The way the sizes have been continually growing these past few years, I'm thinking it's no longer appropriate to call them "mobile" phones.. :p:D The Galaxy S10 5G version is at 6.7 inches!! Add in a 0.3 inches more, and you're officially into tablet category! :confused: