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USA Samsung Galaxy S7 G930A AT&T SNAPDRAGON
Excellent condition . No blemish , no issues , no nothing . Cant see any scratches on device as always with screen protector from Day 1 . You might spot some only on sides outside screen protector so 4.5 /5
Supports all Indian 4G bands and mobile providers
Its on G930U firmware which is unlocked without any USA carrier stuff
This is actual product link - http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/ph...alaxy-s7-32gb-at-t-black-onyx-sm-g930azkaatt/

G930U unlocked link - http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/ph...-32gb---unlocked---black-onyx-sm-g930uzkaxaa/

Gsmarena - http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_s7_(usa)-7960.php

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S7 Case Liquid Crystal available with it and will be shipped free of cost - this one https://paytm.com/shop/p/spigen-bac...nSearch||spigen s7|grid|Search||13|production
JIO volte not working on it natively but works fine with Jiojoin app . With firmware upgrade JIO volte might work later but not now . No issues in data .
Root available on xda
Rear has Nillkin screen protector . Front has Nillkin tempered
No accessories except Spigen case and Nillkin screen protector
Please dont lowball its very aggressively priced
PM me if any queries
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