Sapphire HD 2600Pro

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Selling my sapphire hd2600 pro to buy 4770. perfectly fine in all respects.
Dont know if there is any warranty because cant trace the bill as of now.
Local pickup only.


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Its a pci-e,ddr2,256mb card. dont have box.includes dvi-HDMI adapter,composite out adapter, driver cd.
Hi all,the card is on hld for BIKeINSTEIN. will get back to all of you if it dosent work out.thanks everybody
You may mark it as sold too gigy sir.

Just that i am trying my best to get it picked up this week.

Coz if i don't manage that, i may not be able to do that for another couple of weeks.

If you need the money asap, will try getting the cash across to you or an EFT done if i can't get it picked up anytime soon.

But it's confirmed from my side- i am not a big fan of onboard gfx, need a card for my 24x7 rig and this one should be perfect imho. :)
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