Seagate 320GB Ext, Transcend 160GB Ext, Fujitsu 120GB Int, 2.5" Ext Casing

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Price rev:Seagate 320GB Ext, Transcend 160GB Ext, Fujitsu 120GB Int, 2.5" Ext Casing

Seagate 320 GB: Warranty Till 4 may 2014. Perfect working condition. Outer appearance 8/10.

Price: 1900 shipped.

Transcend 160 GB: Perfect working. Outer appearance: 10/10.

Price: Rs 1300 shipped. Warranty till: August 2012.

Fujitsu 120 gb internal with Ext casing: Perfect working condition.

Price: Rs 1000 shipped. (Without casing Rs 700 shipped), Casing only (Rs 350 shipped).

All HDDs have 0 bad sectors and have been sparingly used.

Lowballers, please stay away.

Reason for selling:

Upgraded to 2TB Ext HDD.

All hdds will be shipped using excellent quality packing and would be bubble wrapped. Have been shipping HDDs successfully in past. You can refer to my iTrust ratings and feedbacks.

Shipping time: 1 business day upon receipt of money.




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@ sumatrix- it is a generic casing. Works perfectly fine.

@som1053- earlier 320gb was priced at 2200, now at 1900 shipped.
hey Can u hold the 160gb one for me will get ack to u in a days time... will u be providing the bill along with the drive???
Sorry... Wont be able to buy the drive at this point if can sell it than please do so and so not hold it for me
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