Seagate 750GB SV35.2 Sata II HDD Perp Recording

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This is a 4 mnth old Seagate 750GB SV 35.2 hard drive.

This is based on perpendicular recording tech and same specs as that of a 7200.10 drive :)

Reason for sale : Too many HDDs and nw out of SATA ports :(

Price : 5300+shipping(PM me best offers..hehe:p)

Warranty : Arnd 4 yrs 7 mnths remaining ( Till Dec 16th 2012).

Here is a pic

PM me for any queries/quotes :)
I have one already as you know...have only 4 ports on my mobo :(
Do let me know vinayas....there is small discount for bangalore buyers as well...hehe :D

And ya ppl do get in the queue(in case CT backs out) if u r interested ....keep posting here :)
200mph said:
nha the seagate aint cheaper but the wd performs better , atleast that is what i saw on toms hardware :)

No it doesnt! what about the market price of a segate 750GB? why dont you post the price of that at prime as well??
LOL :)....ppl were happy to sell 320GB HDDs for 2.6k & 250GB for 2.2k though :rofl:

Anyway interested ppl keep the PMs coming.....PM me best offers.
And ya continue the performance discussion :p
No offence to anyone dude ! My 5.5k is just a starting price and I have always asked for best offers. And ya if it doesn't sell I know what to do.....RMA & get a 7200.11 750GB & be happy with it :D
Just that I have 5 HDDs now & a optical drive all SATA so I had to sell this :(
In any case, since chief-techie has backed out, Sandy must have taken it by now as he was so keen and they both are from Banglore.
I am sure Sandy will take it. Lovely deal there Supra. Why don't you just go to his place and give it to him?

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