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Hey guys, old member/lurker, posting now to sell my desktop

Parts Selling:
  • CPU: i7 930 2.8 Ghz with original HSF SOLD to CoverSpark
  • Mobo: MSI x58 Pro-E SOLD to CoverSpark
  • RAM: 2*2Gb Gskill Ripjaws 1600 SOLD to CoverSpark
  • PSU: Corsair TX 750 - SOLD to sam4mmumbai
  • Cabinet: HAF 922 without my extra added fans SOLD Locally
  • Extra Case fans (Cooler master): 2x120mm (90 CFM) + 1x120mm (low noise blue led) SOLD Locally
  • Cooler: Coolermaster N620 SOLD Locally
  • Expected Price : See above
  • Shipping charges : At actual (Would prefer local deal or local pick up)
  • Description if any : Rarely used for the past 2 years since I had to leave home for studies.
  • Reason for Sale : I am too old for gaming and desktops:(
  • Product condition : Excellent. For a 3 year old rig. Will dust and clean it well before selling.
  • Warranty available in : India
  • Invoice Available : Yes. All bill available. If I have to sell individually, then some of you will only get photocopies
  • Shipping from : Bangalore (Would prefer local deal or local pick up)
  • Payment options : Cash, bank transfer
  • All accessories with box will be included except SATA cables for Mobo
Warranty Over:
  • CPU, Mobo, Cabinet - Bought on 25/4/2010 from Golchha IT, SP Road, Bangalore
  • Cooler - Bought on 7 Aug 2010 from Aashirwad Computers, Bangalore
  • Case fans - (Same as above)
Warranty Remaining:
  • PSU: Bought on 25/4/2010 - Close to 2 years left
  • RAM: Bought on 25/4/2010 - Close to 7 years left
Parts of the Rig not selling: Video Card 7950 (Already have a deal) & HDD's

Pics of Individual parts can't be posted now, cause I'm still using the PC. Will post it on 25th once I disassemble everything.

Pic of the rig as of now is posted below:


Pic with Sign and Date as requested by Pranav.Falcon

UPDATE: 26/5/2013 - Pics of Parts


Kindly retake the pics with your name and date on it.

Interested in the motherboard.

I have an offer from one of the members
for the full combo.
He/she? asked me to hold it for 4 days. So I'm holding it till Sunday, unless there are offers for all parts before that. From then on, best bidder gets parts.
Okay, I have an unconfirmed offer for the full thing and a few counter offers for parts. PM me your offers till the weekend. I'll get back to all of you guys on Sunday and will have pics for each part and invoices with everything disassembled.
Good night y'all.
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