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Dec 1, 2017
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Upgraded to HD800s
Selling my Sennheiser HD700
Its in a good condition with no issues.
Comes with a stock cable and a high quality extra custom short cable 3.5mm.
I don't have the box or carry case. Can be purchased from amazon for around 400.
A perfect upgrade from HD650.

Will also be interested in trade with Ipad or something similar..

Thanks for looking.


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Quick update: received the headphones broken from one side and one driver non-functional.
Coordinating with Sennheiser and @avesh to get this resolved.


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Quick update: received the headphones broken from one side and one driver non-functional.
Coordinating with Sennheiser and @avesh to get this resolved.
The package was damaged while shipping, pics and video where taken and shared right before packing. So unprofessional of dtdc guys did some serious damage to the cans. Thanks @prakhargr8 for patience , hope the drivers are back functional.
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HD700 IS EOL get a refund
? Please understand the situation before giving your opinion.
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Summarising issues/progress here in this headache-inducing adventure:
  • I've been in touch with Sennheiser. Spares are not available for the HD 700 now but they are trying their best to figure something out.
  • The broken part is metallic and specifically, the one labelled '030' here. I've tried getting it fixed, with zero success.
  • The non-working driver and overall headphones are otherwise structurally intact.
  • If driver replacement isn't possible, looks like repairs would be refused if there's any tampering. For this reason, I'm not attempting any local repairs.
  • I will ship the headphones to Sennheiser or wait for replacement parts based on what they say next.
Also, as mentioned to @avesh, the package arrived intact with only a small scratch/cut on one surface, not at all remotely enough to cause any damage to the contents. The box wasn't deformed and there's no damage to the larger, more exposed weaker/plastic parts of the headphones. The break on the '030' metal part is also very clean, whereas damage due to impact or weight would have caused the metal to deform or deform before breaking, which is not the case here.

My theory is that the metal part that broke was already (almost) broken and movements/vibrations during the shipment separated it. However, I don't have an explanation for the driver issue which is my bigger concern here.

I will keep trying to resolve this and keep this thread updated. Thanks to @avesh for offering help in locally fabricating a replacement for the broken part.


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As an audiophile, this really breaks my heart. Avesh has been putting out so many good deals and I have been tempted by many of the things he had on sale. Hope these beauties can be revived back to their full glory. The headphones are packed so nicely even just in the box that it seems very perplexing on how they could have been damaged . I remember Amazon shipping my HD650 as just the box and they still came without any issues apart from some smudges on the box.


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I have being using the hd700 for months now and almost twice a week. The metal got broke due to DTDC mishandling, from my research about the 030 piece it is brittle in nature and cannot bend like any other metals. Most probably its a light weight alloy or something.
Regarding the non functional driver , i did share a working video to @prakhargr8 with audio that captured both left and right perfectly working, i do it for everything i sell.

Local DTDC guys are not willing to take any responsibly of the damage and moreover there response is 'Sir if it was a precious item you should have taken insurance'. I am an active member of Indian audiophile group and there have been multiple instances of items getting damaged by dtdc. This is not the first time my item was broken by DTDC, couple of months back they cracked by MSI GE63 side frame despite having it very well packed and insured. I am never going to use DTDC again.

Its really sad to see the hd700 in this condition and i really feel sorry for Mr @prakhargr8 to go through such situation.

@rdst_1 sadly i didn't had the original box for HD700s. But Despite having an original box for my HD800s, it got crushed by the courier company. As if someone just stepped on it. But i was lucky enough that my 800s where safe..


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