FS: Desktops Silverstone CS380 NAS Chassis + Gigabyte H370N WIFI M-ITX + Pentium Gold G5420


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Jul 1, 2019
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Silverstone CS380 NAS Chassis - Rs.5000/- (Local pickup only)

I was using this for my NAS but moved to Synology. It has some dents and scratches on one side and one of the PCIe slot covers was modded for a card. There was an issue few months back with one of the hot swap hard disks not getting detected but that has been resolved. Functionally it works perfectly fine. No accessories except for the front door keys. No original box, invoice and warranty. This is local pickup only and I am looking for a quick sale hence priced it accordingly. A 4 x 2.5 inch HDD/SSD adapter is included for free already attached to one of the 5.25 inch bays. I would suggest prospective buyers to read many of the reviews of the case and all the questions would be answered.

Gigabyte H370N WIFI M-ITX - Rs.8000 /- (Shipping available)

This is a pretty capable M-ITX motherboard (triple display, dual PCIe M2 and dual gigabit lan) for Intel 8/9th Gen. It was being used back at home but have upgraded now. All accessories available but no original box, invoice and warranty.

Intel Pentium Gold G5420 - Rs.1000 /- (Shipping available)

It has seen intermittent usage. It comes with the OEM heatsink and fan. No original box, invoice and warranty.

OFFER, IF YOU BUY ALL THREE TOGETHER : Rs.10000/- plus I will include a free Dual SATA and dual USB 3 PCIe Card (seen in the photographs). Note that I am not selling the PCIe Card separately.


Please keep the thread clean and seek information / contact via PM only. Please do your own research on specifications and compatibility. If you are an interested buyer and need any other information on any item or additional photographs, please PM. Irrelevant posts will be reported based on the rules of the Marketplace.
SHIPPING : I would prefer for the buyer to pay and arrange for the pickup. If you want me to ship, it will be extra and at actuals. I will be using whatever shipping options are available at my location and I will not be able to cater to a specific courier preference. I will not be responsible for any delays in pickup and/or transit (those seem a norm these days). I would strongly recommend insuring the package but it will need to be borne by the buyer. I will ensure that the packing is as secure as possible. However I will NOT be taking any responsibility of any damage / missing items incurred DURING shipping (once the pickup is done, it becomes the buyer's responsibility).
SALE PRIORITY : Sale will be on first come first serve basis, no holding business. DMs will be replied in the order received.
WARRANTY : Couple of days DOA warranty (transit damage is not covered).


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I will take the Silverstone CS380. Where do I pick it up? And I will take the cards too & the icydock adapter.
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Please pack it as well as possible. I understand that transportation will be on my risk.
Again to re-iterate, I don't have the box nor sufficient packing material for covering the case. If I had that, I would have sold and shipped this out as I already had a buyer outside of Blr.
I would have preferred for the local buyer to come, inspect and take it away using their preferred mode of transport.
I will cover it with the plastic and tape it up as best as possible. Please instruct the guy doing the local pickup accordingly.