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I was going through some listings of used cars and checked out the history of a car on vahan. Saw something strange -
When I enter car number plate on, it gives following output -
Vehicle No WB26S xxxx found ACTIVE in Barasat RTO , WEST BENGAL
Chassis No: MAJ1XXMRJ1EL****4
Vehicle Class: Motor Car

NOC Of Vehicle No WB26S xxxx Issued From ARTO, Saltlake , WEST BENGAL
Issued To ARTO PVD KASBA , WEST BENGAL On 28-04-2016 00:00:00
I want to know what the 2nd paragraph means. The car was/is registered in Barasat RTO. But this NOC has been issued from Salt Lake RTO to Kasba RTO.
Is this related to removing hypothecation after loan term completion? Or the car has been sold once already?
In the ad, it is mentioned as First Owner car.

I checked out the history of a colleague's car which was sold last year and ownership change has already been completed (new owners name is displayed in parivahan website). But for that car, only the first para was there on Nothing else was mentioned at all on both vahan and parivahan for that car.