Monitors Suggest a 24" QHD monitor around 15K

I would suggest to NOT go for QHD for less than 27"

Heck for 15k buy 2 of the 24" FHD monitors linked above and get more pixels and screen area.
There isn't much difference in PPI between 27' QHD and 24'FHD and you almost pay double. everyone prefers 27' QHD because they need extra space and FHD looks awful at 27', tbf 24' QHD more crisp if OP doesn't need more space although they are rare.
QHD has twice as many pixels of FHD. So PPI is also going to be twice as much at the same display size.

Pixels are noticeable on FHD 24'' displays. It's an okaish resolution if one is a casual user. I wouldn't recommend it for designers or programmers. But yeah, if the budget has a ceiling and the space doesn't then I'd buy 3x FHD 24'' used monitors instead of one new QHD 24''.
This LG Ultragear 24" is best IPS monitor at a price of around 15k. It has a height, Tilt and Pivot adjust stand but keep in mind the stand takes some decent space on the desk as its a bit on the larger side so make sure you have enough space around the monitor.