Suggest a 4k monitor for work


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Need suggestions for buying a 4k monitor mostly for work.
Would be connecting it to MacBook Pro, and occasionally Dell Inspiron.
Looking for something around 27 -29 inches

Also if someone has experience with similar setup , let me know any pro or cons.
I would like to use the additional real estate which comes with 4k, instead of multiple monitors. (Space constraints).

Planning to buy in the next 1 month, preferably online.


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This is first time I am using a monitor this size and resolution so don't have anything to compare it with, I pretty much satisfied with it. Here are some of my observations so far.

I initially thought a 32'' monitor would be too big, but after using it for the past 5 days I feel quite comfortable working with it (had some uneasiness for initial couple of hours ).
The inbuilt speakers are of no use (used it for 2-3 minutes for testing).
My MacBook Pro works perfectly with this monitor, only issue I face is not getting the "Low battery Warning" (Since the USB-C connection is not capable to deliver enough power to charge my MacBook, but was able to confuse the OS)
The Text are not crisp enough when running in full resolution (probably too small for my liking) , colours looks a bit washed out compared to the Laptop display, but playing videos in HDR mode looks great.