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someone stole my phone yesterday from Delhi Metro... it was 5 months old iPhone 6S -64GB

Anyways... I have been an all time iphone user but now the value preposition is not soothing. I'm looking for better offerings in terms of price and hardware so suggest me a good purchase on Android.

Being an IT Tech myself I am a bit of power user, not about usage but about speed. I'd like smooth experience and not bloatware where you keep looking around settings hidden under the UI.

Here are my requirements in order of preference

1. Camera
2. Lean and comfortable UI
3. Battery life
4. Price below 20K

5. Asus / Nexus / Moto - Suggest the best

How about Asus Selfie and other phones ? They look absolute good in terms of Specs... Any users here to share the review ?


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Moto X Play ticks all the boxes for you.
Moto's UI is pretty much stock Android. The camera on this one is the same as on the much expensive Moto Style. Battery life is also going to be amazing.

If you want one with fingerprint sensor, you can take a look at Moto G4 plus.

A used Nexus 5x should also come under 20k.

If you want to stick to iPhone, you can try and get a used imported iPhone 6. You should get a 16Gb for 20-22k.
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Thanks... I shall wait for iPhone 7 to launch so let me fill the void till then with an Android phone.

My main concern is clean UI... can't stand buggy fluff, so thanks for the pointers. No fingerprint sensor is not important to me. I'm reading about Moto X and finding it close to my liking.

Can you shed some light if it will provide any significant advantage rooting it and installing cynogen? I'm open to tinkering but would like to save the time if not worth it.

This is the only deal I can find... at flipkart Seems Not available on Amazon. Any good deals we can spot ?
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