Budget 31-40k Suggest System with Good Speed


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There will be a front panel header for the power button going to your motherboard named as Power SW. This is the cable from your cabinet power switch. When switch is pressed, it closes the circuit between the two pins that its connected to on the motherboard which powers on the PC. if this cable is shorted for some reason or the switch is getting struck and closing the circuit on its own, then the power can turn on..

So, remove it and try powering on/off your UPS a few times. If computer doesn't turn on this time, but does when the cable is connected, then its possible that the switch or cable is at fault.

Good Morning... will do same soon and reply here .... Thanks for help/suggestion


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one point I missed that since last 6-9 months, as soon as I power-up UPS, system starts automatically (no need to push Power Switch on Cabinet) .. any idea/suggestion why such malfunctioning... is it sign of any component failure etc.?
If you're using Windows 10, then disable fast startup and see if that fixes the issue.