SuperTalent DDR3 2x2GB 2000MHz CL9

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Hello there

Im selling these SuperTalent High Performance DDR3 Chrome Series



Bought this 6GB kit around 3 months back for Rs.12000 through KMD

Its actually 6GB kit ........I'm keeping one 2gb module for my own purpose(experimenting,etc,etc) :)

there's a review of this SuperTalent 6gb kit on

Selling Reason-In urgent need of funds ...........

It can do 2100 @ best with full CL9 9-9-9-27 1t

some pics of it

1600 6-7-6-18 1t


2000 8-9-8-24 2t


Selling for socket 1156 users 2x2GB...........

Its reasonably priced.......looking for QUICK SELL

I think on socket 1156 it will perform much better with a little more volts

asking 5500 shipped ...

Please dont crap the thread ....
Interested USERS can PM or through mail[/SIZE]
^ u are the biggest lowballer in TE , his price is good and fair , u cant compare ocz kit with this :| u should pm if u interested in buying .
Hey Robo I didn't mean to crap his thread buddy. See 7-7-7-24 makes me sense which can do 2000 @9-9-9-27 or 28 @ 1T so whats the deal here man?. Anyways Editing my post so that everyone's at peace here.
this can do 1600 CL6 , ocz platinum cant , and doing 2000mhz CL8 , OCZ platinum cant do even with CL9 unless voltage is more than 1.65 . i have gskill trident 2000mhz kit which has same chip as these , they are running at 2000mhz CL8 at just 1.64v and do 2000mhz cl9 at just 1.59v , max at 2200mhz with 1.65v :p this kit should easily hit 2200-2300 . i had ocz platinum , they never did more than ~ 1866 mhz even with 1.68v and upto CL10 .
^^^ thanks roboghost for Ur support :)

those carpers :bleh: don't have brains for use..if they do its a $hit :tongue:

OK guys the last PRICE update 7k shipped straight ...............................
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