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Use this template when asking for hardware suggestion, either for entire configuration or for specific hardware.
Please copy paste the questions as mentioned below into a new thread. The questions are accompanied by example answers (in italics) to guide you while entering your own details. Answer the questions in as much detail as possible. Omit the question which you are not sure about.
This will help others to make accurate recommendations and you can get a prompt reply.
Before starting out we suggest that you take a look at this thread as well. This will help you to keep an open mind. http://www.techenclave.com/pc-peripherals/notice-all-those-who-need-help-138633.html
  1. What is your budget?
    • 40K
  2. What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model)
    • CPU - Intel E7200
    • Motherboard - Asus XXX
    • GPU - ATI XXX
    • RAM - Transcend 2X1GB PC6400
    • Monitor - Dell 2409
    • PSU - Corsair VX450
    • (please mention the rest in above format)
  3. Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model)
    • Monitor - Dell 2409
    • PSU - Corsair VX450
    • (please mention the rest in above format)
  4. Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have already decided on a configuration then please mention the (component brand and model) as well, this will help us in fine tuning your requirement.
    • CPU - Intel Q9750
    • Motherboard - any compatible motherboard
    • GPU - GTX300
    • PSU - Best Power Supply Units
    • (please mention the rest in above format)
  5. Is this going to be your final configuration or you would be adding/upgrading a component in near future. If yes then please mention when and which component
    • Yes, will upgrade the following within 6 months
    • SMPS - 600W
    • Cabinet - CM XXX
    • RAM - 2X4GB PC8500
  6. Where will you buy this hardware? (Online/City/TE Dealer)
    • Mumbai
    • Open to online purchase
  7. What is your intended use for this PC/hardware
    • Gaming
    • Browsing
    • Desktop Processing
    • HTPC
    • Download rig, 24x7 operation
    • Watching HD movies
  8. Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them and the reason for your preference/dislike.
    • Do not want to buy XYZ company product as I heard the after sales service in India is pathetic
  9. If you will be playing games then which type of games will you be playing?
    • Strategy - Civilization 4
    • Racing - Grid at medium to high settings
  10. What is your preferred monitor resolution for gaming and normal usage
    1. Gaming - 1280x720
    2. Desktop - 1440x900
  11. Are you looking to overclock?
    • Yes/No
  12. Which operating system do you intend to use with this configuration?
    • Windows 7 64 bit
    • Linux - Mandriva
PS: If you have any suggestions to improve this template then please PM any of the mods or mention in this thread itself. The thread would be cleaned after incorporating the useful suggestions.
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Since this is the most common type of thread on TE it would be really helpful for the community if there is some form of standardization. The threads will serve as a repository of various configurations which will help people searching through the forum and possibly avoid repeat discussions for similar configurations.

Yes consider this compulsory, since it has just been announced we will not enforce it right away. As a member you are requested to follow this format and ask the thread starter to comply to this format. From September onwards we can look at deleting all the new threads which do not comply to this format. A copy of the original thread will be sent to the thread starter with the message to start the thread again in the required format.
In question 10, we can ask what game and at what resolution. Some people don't mind playing at lower than native resolution.
Please note that from Sunday 27th Sept, it will be mandatory to use this script to request for configuration and quotes. It may be inconvenient at first but it should be helpful in the long run.

We will shortly make a forum wide announcement on the same.
I agree...this type of standardization will work wonders in long run. Apart from helping people with requesting help with similar configuration this will also make post cleaner and easier to understand for those who are willing to help.
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