The 333 - 444 - 555 - 666 - 777 XMAS DEAL

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Merry Christmas. And this year, is your santa

Exclusive Xmas Deal, only from

1 x Verbatim 4gb swivel pen drive Rs 333 - SOLD
1 x Kingston 4gb microSD card Rs 444
1 x Verbatim DVD+R Spindle - Matt Silver Rs 555 - SOLD
1 x (3x3-pack) 9-pack Verbatim Dual Layers Rs 666 - SOLD elsewhere
1 x Creative EP-830 Rs 777 - SOLD

Rules :
1. All prices are all inclusive, including shipping.
2. There's only ONE piece of each.
3. The 9-pack Dual Layers to be bought only as a 9-pack.
4. No need to PM to confirm the order. Only after you've made the payment through NEFT should you PM me with your account name, bank name, order name and required shipping details.
5. You need to update the thread here if and when the payment is done, so that others know who has bought what, and can buy accordingly.
6. Updating the thread first DOES NOT MEAN that you've purchased it. The buyer is the one whose payment is reflected FIRST in my account. Others' money minus Rs 5 NEFT charges will be refunded, and due PM to them will be sent asking for exact bank details.
7. All items are in stock, and will be shipped tomorrow.
8. All products are new, box-packed, and have their respective warranty periods.
9. Deal closes at 12am.

Here are the payment details :

May the best bank win
[edit] SOLD :
1 x DVD+R Verbatim to clown_abhi
1 x Verbatim 4GB Swivel to clown_abhi
1 x Creative EP-830 sold to Freaky


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good clearance sale ! well done

wish other dealers could provide such deals in the future !

way to go mediahome :D


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can you put the Ep-830 on Ebay at a good price.... we can use the 300 off coupon on it...


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Oh man! late again!!!

I so badly wanted those830s.

Freaky, you just pounced on them didn't you:p
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