The Badass Clearance Sale

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The Badass Clearance Sale (iPod Touch 2nd-gen 32GB, Logitech Desktop Wave etc)

I am getting rid of all lot of stuff I have lying around. Everything is in perfect working condition. I don't have the bill or warranty for some of the products as I they were gifted to me. I am willing to provide 10 days or testing warranty for any of the devices here.


1. Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave - The package includes the wireless keyboard & mouse, a USB receiver, and a USB extension dock. No bill or warranty.

Expected Price: Rs 2,500

5. Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 - Received this a couple of years ago as a replacement for my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. Still working perfectly.

Expected price: Rs 750

6. Apple iWork 09 and iLife 09 - These are the original iWork and iLife '09 discs. No scratches and they will install on any supported mac.

Expected price: Rs 500 for iWork 09, Rs 500 for iLife 09

7. Here are some PC and XBOX 360 games I want to get rid of.

[/B]Dark Void (X360) - Rs 500

The Darkness (X360) - Rs 500

NBA 2K8 (X360) - Rs 500

King of Fighters XII (X360) - Rs 500

Command & Conquer 4 (PC) - Rs 500

Mount and Blade Deluxe Edition (PC) - Rs 500


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how much old is the logitech cordless combo?
how much warranty it actually came with?
Tagan PSUs on hold for Holic.

@drkrack: I got the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave directly from Logitech as a gift, so I don't have any bill, and have no idea about warranty. The set is slightly less than a year old and in perfect working condition. As I mentioned, I can offer 10 days testing warranty at best, and will give a full refund if you feel that the product isn't working properly.

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Since I have two Tagan PSUs, I'm going to split it up. One on hold for Holic, another on hold for Andrew327.

International Cricket 2010 XBOX 360 game sold to amitsharmameetu. Awaiting payment.
Both Tagan PSUs together will be helpfull. since swapping the parts can make one PSU alive.

For single PSU owner, finding equivalent parts will be very difficult.
HEy... pLease put me out of hold... i was gonna repair one of those.. but i got a used one from my friend.. sorry for the trouble and best of luck for your sale..
Okay, Tagan PSUs back on sale.

Additionally, new gadget up for sale. It's my second-generation 32GB iPod Touch. Expected price - Rs 10,000. All accessories included, but I don't have the original box. Check pics.

or go here for the entire gallery: ImageShack Album - 8 images
Razer Orca and International Cricket 2010 shipped to respective buyers. Please confirm here upon delivery. Western Digital My Book World Edition and Tagan PSUs sold to Bikeinstein.
New product added. It's a sparingly used Logitech V450 Nano wireless laser mouse. Don't have bill so no idea about warranty. Device has been used very rarely, so it's almost brand new. But I don't have the bill as it was gifted to me by Logitech. Expected price: Rs 1,500. Here are some pics:

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