The "Everyday" show-off thread !



Mine are cuter and up for adoption.
Top intake.. exhuast side.. very weird fan choice.. i think there is plenty of content on the best fan config's for fishtank PC's.

but looks good non the less!
Yes, in aware, but I'm using it in a room that has low ambient so I'm seeing minimal impact on performance (I've tested). I wanted to ensure i get the view better of the fan w/o purchasing reverse UniFans.
Looks really good... congratulations!

Is that a screen that you have placed inside the case which you are using exclusively for monitoring system temps/ stats? Please share more details on this...
Thanks :)
And yes, you're right, it's a 8.8" sensor panel used in conjunction with AIDA64, for monitoring. Connects to USB for power and HDMI for video. Though, you also get USB-only models too but they have their own Chinese software to control them.