FS: Power Cooling and Modding Thermalright Macho Direct CPU Heatsink

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Purchased from USA in December 2019. It did cooling duties on my 2700X and 3600 until recently I've moved to water cooling.

Package is complete including the box except for the screwdriver. My friend who sent me the package from USA kept it for himself and at that point I couldn't say no. The dampers for the fan are unused as I made my own.

The box when shipped within USA had small damage, few fins got slightly bent. This does not affect the performance whatsoever. This is visible in the second picture.

Included fan is the black TY-140. The white TY-147A is optional for additional 850Rs. The heatsink does come with a second set of clips if you want to mount the second fan.

This cooler is HUGE. It kept my 2700X with PBO on Prime 95 at 72*, 3600 at 62-63* with Arctic MX-4. Compared to my watercooled setup, it goes to 70* on load so I'd say this is a kickass cooler. Cooler height is 158mm which is very respectable considering it has a 140mm fan on it, it cleared my CM690 sidepanel very easily.

Price is non negotiable. Shipping is excluded at actuals although I prefer local Bangalore buyers.

Manufacturer Link : http://thermalright.com/product/macho-direct/

Pictures :

Installed in the case. I did not have enough clearance for mounting a second fan on the heatsink though

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