FS: Power Cooling and Modding Thermalright Ultra 120 E Black heatsink

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•Product name: Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 Black

•Expected price: Rs 1500

•Shipping charges: Included in the price above.

•Manufacturer page URL: Thermalright

•Description (if any): This heatsink was used with a Panaflo 120 x 38 fan (also for sale) for the CPU of my primary system. The heatsink was previously used with LGA775 socket boards (P35 and X38 based motherboards) and later with a socket 1155 board (P67 based motherboard).

•Reason for Sale: Decided to switch to a LCLC system (Corsair H60 and the likes).

•Product condition: 6 of 10. The heatsink has undergone some major scaling due to the coastal weather conditions here and as a result, the fan-side of the heatsink has become like a regular TRUE 120 heatsink without the black coating. The coating in the base has also worn out partially owing to the usage but has no scratches or indents. Please refer the attached snaps.

However, there is not a noticeable reduction in the performance of the heatsink. With a capable fan, there is a good delta in the temperatures during idle and loads. Dusted, brushed and cleaned thoroughly using warm soapy water. I was using this heatsink with the Panaflo fan on my i5 2500K overclocked to 4.5GHz at 1.26V, which had load temps. in the range of 60'C and idling at 45'C if my memory serves me right. I do not have the screenshots to prove this but you may take my word with a grain of salt!

•Purchase date: April 2009 from Prime ABGB, Mumbai.

•Remaining warranty period: NA. Shall give a week's testing warranty.

•Warranty available in: NA.

•Invoice Available: Yes. Please refer the attachment. Original invoice shall be sent with the consignment.

•Shipping from: Surat, GJ

•Shipping to: All over India.

•Preferred courier: DTDC

•Payment options: NEFT to my ICICI savings account.







Please note that whatever is indicated in the snaps is bundled with the package - nothing more, nothing less. The retention kit for LGA775 is not bundled as it was swapped with a new LGA1155/1156 kit. One extra fan holding clip is available as indicated in the snap. No TIM tube is bundled. Let me know if you have any queries.
Bought the heatsink from @Gannu. My first TE trade!

Will post feedback after I receive the heatsink! :)
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