Torrent Tracker Invite Thread


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A lot of changes and operational functions are being repeatedly highlighted/implemented in terms of strictness and security for Private Torrent Tracker invites. Thus, we are closing the current Invite Thread. Please follow the below guidelines, and use this thread to share private tracker invites.

Guidelines and Rules:

With respect to private trackers and their invite sharing mechanisms, we are not going to allow invite requests (and availability) solicitation on TE.

The 'No Movement' list comprises of the below tracker names, the invites of which are not allowed to be distributed on public forums. The ones not on this list are deemed OK to be asked/shared around.
  • / ComicBT (CBT)
  • AHD
  • AnimeBytes (AB)
  • baconBits (bB)
  • Bibliotik (BiB)
  • BitMe.ORG (BM)
  • Blackcats-Games (BCG)
  • BrokenStones (BS)
  • BTN
  • DB9
  • Empornium (EMP)
  • GazelleGames (GGN)
  • HDB
  • IPT
  • Karagarga (KG)
  • MoreThan.TV (MTV)
  • PTM
  • PTN
  • PTP
  • SCC
  • ScienceHD (SHD)
  • TehConnection (TC)
  • TorrentShack (TSH)
  • (WFL)
  • What.CD (WCD)
(list updated: 08/08/2016 - @asingh and @Spacescreamer)

Penalty for such sharing is usually a ban of the conclusive tree.


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Was looking for an invite to Cinemageddon.If someone has the invite and can share it that would be awesome.I am a member of few other trackers and have good ratios on them.