FS: Headphone Ultimate ears tf10

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  • Product Name: Ultimate ears tf10
  • Expected Price: Rs 4000
  • Shipping charges:NA
  • Description if any: I am not using this iem for several months.I checked it before two weeks.its left earphone is not working.I lost the packet and warraty card.Only the metal box some ear tips and the iem is in my hand.
  • Buy it if you can fix it.Some times its working and some times it dont.there is no problem with drivers.
  • Reason for Sale:Not Using it for a long time.
  • Product condition: 6 of 10
  • Purchase Date: Purchased from another person
  • Remaining Warranty period: NO
  • Warranty available in: NA
  • Invoice Available:No
  • Enter these basic information about yourself
    • Shipping from: KERALA
    • Shipping to: Local buyer OR at buyers risk
    • Preferred courier:NA
    • Payment options: Cash bank transfer


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update : the problem is not withe cable.there is a loose contact at the pin of the iem.a little fevi kick will fix it.
I am promising a testing warranty.if you are interested to buy it.you can definitely check the item.but shipping charges are up to you.

You can check it and if you found any problem(I mean with the driver) you can send it back.
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I bought pl 11 for 450 around one year ago now it costs 1.3 k or 1k above.
next my wharfedale sw150 cost 17k before 2 years.now the same item is selling for 30k.

my sonodyne roarr 210 subwoofer costed me 14k now is selling for 22k.
I am happy to give a decent discount.but please dont low ball the thread.
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problem is not with the cable.its some loose contact.It plays flawlessly sometimes.I played it for one to 2 hours and enjoyed it.[DOUBLEPOST=1392655500][/DOUBLEPOST]http://www.head-fi.org/t/645688/how-to-fix-how-i-fixed-my-ultimate-ears-triple-fi-10-tf10[DOUBLEPOST=1392655536][/DOUBLEPOST]just like the above thread I just tried to open it but it has got some scratches.
I am sorry I lost my control.members any body interested and can fix it.I will give it for a reasonable price.I am very sad now.
please pm me or you can post directly in the thread.
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